Here is  some of the press we have received throughout  opening in April 2017!


"Here are the 12 best, unforgettable foods we ate in 2017"

There’s no room for error when making a marinara pizza. The ingredients are few, and if any one of them is flawed, the whole thing fails. To understand what perfection tastes like, take one bite of chef Eduardo Salcedo’s marinara pizza at 2145. The flavor and brightness of the sauce, the garlic, a hint of dried pepper flakes, the thinness of the dough, the heavy char and ashy crust… Masterful simplicity.

–Brad A. Johnson

"These are Orange County’s 10 best new restaurants of 2017"

The coolest restaurant of the year is the one that sprouted from what used to be an auto mechanic’s garage. The garage door, now all glass, is rolled up most days to create a cozy indoor/outdoor ambience with an abundance of natural light.

The garage’s old car bay is now the dining room where two large communal tables seat up to 20, plus a 10-seat bar along the wall. Most dining actually happens on the patio.

A massive wood-fired pizza oven turns out some of the best Neapolitan-style pizza — with decidedly California toppings — in Orange County.

"Costa Mesa’s west side comes of age with hot new pizza joint 2145"

Our wine glasses are not yet empty when the waitress arrives with the next round. “You want to chug those?” she asks, smiling, motioning toward our unfinished drinks. The table is already crowded with pizzas and wine glasses, and there’s no room left for anything more.

Instead of chugging, I lift my glass off the table to make room for the incoming refill. I’ve ordered more of the same Sangiovese, so I simply pour what’s left of the first into the second.“Oh, I guess that works just as well,” she says.

Recently opened at the corner of Victoria and Placentia, 2145 has the charm of an old friend’s backyard cookout, assuming your friend has a wood-fired pizza oven. And knows how to use it.